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Antalya & Pisidian Strongholds - Tour
  • Sagalassos
  • 3 Nights 4 Days

Antalya & Pisidian Strongholds

Pisidia is the ancient mountainous land that fully surrounds the plain of Pamphylia. From prehistoric to Roman times the people that occupied this region remained distinct from the Pamphylians (who were descendants the people of Troy who migrated to the region after losing in battle) even though they were likely distant relatives. Alexander the Great struggled with the Pisidians and was never fully able to defeat them. The Pamphylians, however, would never engage him. Later, when Persia battled Greece, the Pisidians supported the Persians. Then, even under the Roman rule, while Pamphylia obeyed Rome, the Pisidians continued to battle themselves, one another and the Romans. Their vigor and distinction is likely due to the extremely rugged mountainous terrain on which they lived. This made their lives hard and the lives of their enemies harder.  You'll experience the grandeur and rugged beauty of their mountaintop locations on this tour - visiting untouched sites close to Antalya.   From the mountaintop site of Termessos just 45 mins from Antalya, to the unbelievable restored grand fountains in Sagalassos to the forests surrounding Selge and Adada, these sites retain their rugged appearance and protected national forest distinction. To mix in variety for this tour, lunch each day will be at interesting stops – a country horse farm, a waterfall, or a lakeside. While there are a few hours of driving on day 2, 3 and 4, the sites are well worth seeing as they are unique and often free of other tourists. This tour is ideal if you like hiking, exploring off the beaten path and seeing what few others dare to see.  

Antalya & the Plain of Pamphylia - Tour
  • Antalya
  • 2 Nights 3 Days

Antalya & the Plain of Pamphylia

Antalya resides on the western edge of the ancient plain of Pamphylia and is now the most visited city in Turkey and one of the top 10 tourist cities in the world. This tour of Mediterranean Turkey will focus on the beaches and ancient Greek/Romans sites on the flat Pamphylian plain. Your tour will start with a visit to the the Ancient city of Attallia – settled in 130 BC by King Attallos, the completely walled inner city or “Kale-ici” is now the heart of the thriving city of Antalya. The charming streets and restored homes make this a truly unique area to wander. Of course, all eyes are drawn to the beautiful harbor that is the foot of the old city. Your tour will also visit the award winning Antalya Museum – a spot not to be missed with one of the best collections and displays in Turkey. Here you will see the enormous Lycian tombs, a section on Saint Nicholas, a feature on the local nomadic people as well as the finest statuary from Perge. Over the next few days, you will see the 3 sister cities: Perge (of St. Paul’s fame) and Aspendos (the finest Roman theater in Turkey). Each with their own unique character. You will also take an excursion on the last day to see some of the magnificent waterfalls in Antalya.  If you desire to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean coast and seaside, your hotel has direct access to a unique seaside swimming venue or you may choose to stay at one of the excellent boutique hotels located in the old city of Kaleici.